To get the best results for our customers, we like to be involved in the entire process from design through to inception offering practical advice to architects, planners, contractors, builders and owners. By getting our experienced team in early, we can help design a roof which meets every requirement from practical efficiency through to aesthetic attraction and guarantee the smooth running of the installation or renovation itself.

​​Whatever your requirements for roofing, make sure you speak to our team at Idek Metal Roofing. We deliver service, expertise and quality at competitive prices contact us today to arrange your free no-obligation quote (refer below for further information regarding commercial / industrial, Residential, Architectural & Asbestos Removal).
  • All styles and profiles
  • Domestic, industrial, secret fix decking
  • Wall sheeting
  • Refer to products page to view Colourbond colours
  • Metal, PVC, Copper & Stainless
  • All sizes and profiles
  • Metal fascia and gutter, supply and fit
  • New and renewal installations
  • All fixtures & fittings
  • Tile to metal conversion
  • Asbestos removal
  • Domestic and commercial applications
  • Carports and patios/ firmlok beams
  • Polycarbonate insulation
  • 24hr turnaround
  • All shapes, styles and colours
  • Supply & install
  • Custom made profiles
  • All styles/ colours or polycarbonate and associated fixings etc
  • Insulation and roof ventilation
  • Vast range and colour of roofing screws
  • Skylights and roof windows
  • Whirly birds
  • Roof repairs
  • Storm damage
  • Insurance work
  • Alucabond / Wall Cladding


Idek Metal Roofing has vast experience in a large variety of commercial and industrial roofing projects, we are well regarded in the industry and are frequently contracted by other roofing and construction companies to complete roofing projects on their behalf. Regardless of how we are contracted, we pride ourselves on our professionalism and high work standards, and we always deliver quality projects, on time and on budget.

Our industrial & commercial roofing services extend from roof removal and replacement, to repair and restoration services. We can offer a customised affordable solution to meet each and every client’s needs. No job is to big or small. Idek use only quality products that are sourced from reputable roofing suppliers such as BlueScope Steel and are endorsed by professional manufacturers warranties.Idek Metal Roofing is a fully licensed and insured company and our clients can be assured of our commitment to professionalism, integrity, safety, best practice and high quality of work standards.

We are compliant with OH&S regulations and implement safety management systems to ensure the safety of our staff, contractors, clients and the general public. Our staff and contractors are thoroughly up to date with the latest in roofing materials.

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Metal roofing is becoming increasingly popular among home-owners due to its sleek and stylish appearance.  Whether you are giving your home a modern makeover or opting for a heritage style finish, a new metal roof in any choice of colour can dramatically improve the appearance and also increase the resale value of your property.

We know a roof is not just about keeping the rain off your head, it is also very important to the structural integrity and value of your home and that’s why our friendly, uncomplicated approach will make dealing with us a pleasant experience that will ensure peace of mind.

In addition to looking great, home owners are choosing metal over tiles for its strength and durability.  Gone are the days of replacing cracked and broken tiles which is costly and inconvenient - a steel roof is strong, versatile and long-lasting, ideal for the Australian climate.

Additional benefits of converting to a metal roof with high quality insulation include cost savings on heating and cooling bills and a reduction in external noises.

Idek Metal Roofing use only high quality products from reputable suppliers that are endorsed by professional manufacturers warranties.

Colorbond® steel is a popular product for roofing of residential homes due to its attractiveness, durability, versatility and energy efficiency - which in turn leads to cost savings for home owners.  Not only does Colorbond® steel look good, it delivers outstanding long-life performance. 

Colorbond® steel is available in a wide variety of colours to suit the theme of your home and surrounds, and can be mixed and matched to suit walling, gutters, fascias and downpipes. The range of colours can be seen on the Colourbond Colour Chart (refer to products page) and are suitable for roofing, walling and guttering.
Idek Metal Roofing have a wealth of experience in the residential roofing market in both modern and heritage designs. We have roofed homes of all sizes and profiles and every client has been more than satisfied with our finished product and service (just see our testimonials page).

We have a team of dedicated residential roofing experts that will work closely with you to select a roof option to suit your style and budget. Our mission is to exceed customer expectations, and this includes after sale services.

We value our excellent reputation and conduct our business to the highest standard. We understand that word-of-mouth referrals are important in gaining business and we strive to satisfy and exceed the expectations of each and every client.

Idek is a fully licensed and insured company. Our clients can be assured of our commitment to professionalism, integrity, safety, best practice and high quality of work standards.

Contact us to discuss your roofing options or to arrange an obligation free measure and quote. We’re sure you will be satisfied with our competitive pricing.


Transform and upgrade your old damaged roof with a roof replacement to become the envy of your street. A new roof can completely change the look of your home. Left too long, a roof in need of repair can quickly deteriorate and additional structural damage can be caused.  Our process below ensures that interuption to your house and lifestyle are kept to a minimum so that you can remain living in your home:-

  1. Roof is check measured and inspected for frame damage twisting and separation of timbers and termites
  2. All materials delivered to site
  3. Safety rail is installed in accordance with OH & S
  4. Only one section of roof will be removed & recovered the same day to insure no bad weather interference
  5. Old roof is removed either directly into a bin below or passed down & packed
  6. All old materials will be recycled enviro friendly
  7. Valleys will now be installed
  8. Heavy duty sarking is then layed / insulation - we will discuss these options with you prior to commencing the job
  9. A set out of all new battens will be layed according to rafter spans and the type of roof being layed
  10. Battons are then all levelled and nailed securely
  11. Then the roof is installed square according to the perimeter of the building allowing maximum coverage
  12. Metal is screwed to battons
  13. Then all ridging is layed
  14. Then a clean up of all loose debris and rubbish will be removed
  15. Safety rail will then be removed
  16. A final inspection will be carried and then handed over to the customer

Asbestos Roofing is carried out the same way but the tradesmen will be suited up with protective clothing and face masks. And all asbestos will be sealed in plastic and taken away to the correct location. All work is carried out to the Australian Standard code practice.


Idek Metal Roofing have completed countless challenging architectural residences. Please contact us to discuss various architectural roof and wall cladding systems that can be tailor made to suit your design requirements.  We are also happy to liaise directly with your architect / designer to ensure that your individual needs are met.


Please feel free to Contact us to discuss your asbestos removal options.