Fascia, Gutter & Downpipes


Whether your home has a steel roof or not, COLORBOND® steel is the right choice for your gutters, downpipes and fascia.

You can perfectly match or complement your roof colour and other building materials, and you can be confident of long lasting performance. Available in the full range of 20 designer colours. Made with a corrosion resistant ZINCALUME® steel base for long life.

Lightweight, durable, exterior grade paint finish resists peeling, flaking and blistering in normal weather conditions.

Please contact us to discuss rainwater products, like guttering and spouting. They should integrate with the rest of your home's design. We have access to a comprehensive range of profiles and sizes to suit all climates and building styles.


The LEAF STOPPER® system is a logical approach to practical protection of gutters and valley. It works by attaching one end of the mesh to the front lip of the gutter, while the other end passes over the first row of tile and under the second row. This creates a slope which allows leaves to blow off. In the case of metal roofs, purpose manufactured clips hold the mesh down at the roof end and valleys.

The advantage of the Leaf Stopper® system is that not only does it protect the gutters, but it prevents leaves and pests entering the valley. Many gutter guard systems sound credible when discussing the gutter, but fail to mention how they plan to protect your valleys. It is well known that leaves will accumulate in the corner valleys of the roof and then make their way down to the gutter. Leaf Stopper® prevents this from happening.


Please contact us to discuss your gutter guard options further