Rainheads are an essential design element for buildings where internal box or trough gutters are used. A rainhead or sump is a container located between the gutter and downpipe that aids the flow of water away from the roof. It acts as an external overflow point to minimise water surges into the storm water system and aid the flow of water down the downpipe. The outside positioning of rainheads means that they minimise the risk of water overflow inside a building. Furthermore, the addition of an overflow provision provides even greater protection against water overflow in extreme conditions.


Is designed to be used as either a wall wrap or under metal roofs where temperatures exceed 80°C.
It is a light duty radiant barrier. It consists of a layer of fibreglass reinforced in a tri-directional pattern, kraft paper and two layers of aluminium foil with fire retardant adhesive. Enviroseal also has an antiglare coating to eliminate sun glare during installation.


  • Reliable, strong and easy to use
  • Ideal for under metal roof
  • Provides ongoing physical protection against elements
  • Reduces temperature variations and condensations inside home.
  • Increases energy efficiency
  • Improves home owner comfort by weatherising the home


Insulating your roof is one of the quickest and most inexpensive ways of improving the comfort in your house. Additionally the cost of installing insulation is quickly recovered by the savings in energy costs from a well insulated home.

Insulating your roof has the following key benefits;

  • Improves your comfort in both the hotter and colder months
  • Saves on energy costs
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions due to lower energy usage

Idek Metal Roofing installs two key products;

Bradford Gold insulation, which is a glasswool batt, is installed on top of plasterboard ceilings between ceiling joists. Bradford Gold batts are composed of glass fibres which are poor conductors of heat. These fibres criss-cross each other to form tiny air pockets which slow down the transfer of heat through the roof.

Anticon glasswool insulation blanket is a glasswool blanket with an impermeable foil facing. Anticon stops condensation occurring in a roof space which can form water droplets that can cause mould and even damage plasterboard ceilings resulting in costly repairs.

To be utilized under the roof line, as an additional option to foil sarking.

Features and Benefits

  • Installed cost is recovered by long term savings in energy use
  • Reduces noise transfer caused by rain
  • Fire resistant so significantly reduces chance of ceiling fires
  • Environmentally sound – Glasswool made from up to 80% recycled content
  • Low allergen product, Bradford is an approved partner of the Asthma Foundation of Australia
  • Meets the highest Australian insulation standards
  • Guaranteed for the life of your home


A well ventilated roof space is an important and in expensive way to maximise your comfort.

Adding a roof ventilator removes hot air in your roof space in summer and helps your insulation work far more effectively. It also helps expel damp air in winter which can affect building structures and the effectiveness of insulation.

The result is even greater levels of comfort and energy savings


Idek Metal Roofing are able to organise your scaffold and handrail requirements


A rainwater tank can save up to 100,000 litres of water a year in an average home. Collected rainwater can be used to water the garden, wash the car, or as drinking water. With additional plumbing and a pump, a tank can be used to flush the toilet, fill a washing machine, fill a water heater or be used through the cold water tap. Please contact us for more information.


ALUCOBOND® is a light composite material consisting of two aluminium cover sheets and a core made of polyethylene.

This simple but extremely versatile product concept has been developed to provide a façade material with a host of advantages for architects.

ALUCOBOND® is stable and yet flexible, has a smooth surface and is available in a number of standard or custom colours. It is weather-resistant, unbreakable, shock-resistant, vibration absorbent & easy to install.

It is the ideal material for facade cladding, roof edges, awnings and fascias on Low rise, High Rise, Canopies & Awnings, Interiors, Refurbishment.

Creative ideas require inspiration and inspiration begins with the material. Design elegance, stylish transitions, daring details and interesting surfaces, harmonious backgrounds, surprising effects caused by light and shape - all of these and much more can be easily achieved with ALUCOBOND® composite panels.

Please contact us to discuss the application of this product or refer to


Colorbond® steel is strong, durable, versatile and energy efficient, making it environmentally friendly, long lasting and cost effective for Australian climate conditions.  It is known to have a high tolerance to heat and flames, is termite resistant, and is available in special grades where superior anti-corrosion performance is critical.

Due to its flexibility, it can be curved and shaped to achieve dramatic roof and wall lines suited to modern designs. It is equally effective for traditional or heritage-style designs.

Colorbond® steel is ideal for roofing, walling, gutters, fascias and downpipes and is backed by BlueScope Steel warranty.